QADSAN Staking

10 qadsan companies3

Exciting Staking Opportunities for QADSAN Token Holders!

Earn Lucrative Dividends in Token-Shares

Maximize your QADSAN holdings by staking your tokens and earning dividends in the form of token-shares from 10 virtual companies! Choose from various staking periods for flexible returns.

📅 Weekly Dividends Every Tuesday!

How to Start Staking:

  1. Choose Your Staking Period: Select the duration that aligns with your investment goals. Longer periods offer potentially higher yields.
  2. Send Your Tokens: Transfer your QADSAN tokens to the corresponding address below:
  • On Demand: 0.75-7.5% per week – 0x3bc21002b4C52F29A40a2435588d33BBA3264191
  • 30 Days: 1.25-12.5% per week – 0x6179e311231e4b65D7C27350c70fB17D596154b0
  • 90 Days: 1.75-17.5% per week – 0xdDb3a4C57E751D0A152262d9c213C820689e3767
  • 180 Days: 2.50-25% per week – 0x9de9F95AA559bBFCB7F27378dA40661112cb59b9
  • 365 Days: 3.5-35% per week – 0x7C4aCED7602e85290f3c1B519E8B367aa13f4aBf
  • 730 Days: 4.5-90% per week – 0xE928Df1Cd746E9C8c9265d992bf9a0d84E852f26

Why Stake QADSAN?

  • Earn Passive Income: Receive dividends while supporting the QADSAN project.
  • Participate in Governance: Gain voting rights and shape the future of QADSAN.
  • Borrow Token-Shares: Access low-interest loans (0.5% daily) of up to 50% of your staked tokens to amplify your earnings potential.*

Unlocking Your QADSAN Tokens

To unlock your staked tokens, send “UNLOCK” and your Polygon address to our Telegram chat. Soon, you’ll be able to unlock directly in your QADSAN wallet!

💵 Start Staking Today! 💵

*Disclaimer: Token-share yields are not guaranteed. Invest at your own risk.