There is no definite answer here. Each of the above-mentioned types has its advantages and disadvantages.

You can acquire the token-shares of the Ordinary companies (1-7), the prices of which change randomly (rise or fall) like at an ordinary stock exchange. Of course, behind these changes there are certain principles, determined by the laws of supply and demand, and you can try and guesshow they will change. If successful, you can easily and quickly double or even treble your money. However, you may also be making a mistake. 
In any case, we guarantee that no player can lose more than 20% in one trading session (round), so you will always have the opportunity to stop in time. 

You can acquire the token-shares of the High-Yield and High-Risk companies (9 and 10).The demand for the token-shares of these companies usually is very high and substantially exceeds supply. Accordingly, their price also to rise and does so very fast, at an average of 50% and 100% monthly respectively. 
And as long as the situation at the exchange is stable, this tendency will remain. But do keep in mind that in the case of a fall in the demand for these token-shares, the speed of the increase in their prices may well slow down, and in the case of panic appearing at the exchange your losses within one round could come to 50% with the token-shares of company 9, and as much as 100% with the token-shares of company 10. 
In any case, by following the statistics of the purchases and sales of the token-shares of these companies attentively you can easily try to anticipate the moment – if there is ever one – when it is time to stop and take your profit. Especially considering the fact that you can do so at any moment. 

For Example: Let us suppose that you have 50 USD. On 15 July, 2021 you decided that you wanted to invest in Virtual Company No.10. On that day the BUY price is 0.5 USD, in other words you could have bought 100 token-shares for your 50 USD. On 1 August, 2021 each token-share could have been sold for 0.75 USD (the SELL price for Virtual Company No.10 on 1 August, 2021). In this way your investment grew by 50% in 15 days. The same token-share could have been sold for 1.00 USD on 15 August, 2021, in other words you could have doubled your investment in 1 month.

And, finally, you can acquire the token-shares of the Privileged company (8). We highly recommend you to pay particular attention to these token-shares.
The privileged token-shares are supported by QADSAN. Their price only rises, and this guaranteed rise today stands at 10% monthly (this is up to approximately 215% per year).

In order to provide for this rise QADSAN has a Special Reserve Fund (special address), into which part of all the profit generated by QADSAN (a commission of 3-9% is charged on each transaction when purchasing token-shares) is constantly allocated.

This is done exclusively for advertising purposes – with the aim of attracting the greatest possible number of players. Later on such favorable conditions will probably be changed (in which case all the players will be notified in advance so that their interests are not harmed in the process). 

For the time being, however, this opportunity to invest money very profitably and without any risk remains.

We calculated the situation around the token-shares of the privileged company (8) is so stable that QADSAN has decided it is possible – for the players convenience – to publish the prices of these token-shares for more than one month in advance (see future prices). The Special Reserve Fund allows this to be done quite easily. 

Having bought the token-shares today, you can now plan in advance when to sell them and at what price. Thus, when playing with the privileged shares, you can firmly expect a 10% profit monthly (this is 215% annually) without any worry whatsoever.

In any case, we recommend you to start with a smaller amount (especially since there are no restrictions of any kind here) and try and get to know the game. 
And if you like it (in which we are quite sure), you can consider increasing your bids.