Assets issued by QADSAN

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE when buying QADSAN token-shares! 

How to get 100% guaranteed compensation if you made a loss from token-shares trading?

If you bought QADSAN tokens in the official QADSAN wallet to the  address specified in your QADSAN profile and received a loss from trading token-shares, you have the right to receive your money back within 30 days from the date of purchase or receive the difference of the loss in the form of any token-shares of your choice. 

Thus, you are guaranteed to be insured against any trading losses!

To receive a refund, please contact our support team by sending the following information:

1. Purchase amount of QADSAN tokens;

2. Date of purchase;

3. Link to the purchase transaction;

4. Name and number of purchased token-shares;

5. Link(s) to the token-shares purchase transaction;

6. Wallet for the return of funds for the purchase of QADSAN tokens.

This must be the wallet from which you paid for the purchase of QADSAN tokens;

7. The name of the token-share that you want to receive instead of a refund.

Guaranteed money back within 48 hours. Just submit a refund request and get it.

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