QADSAN NFT Bonds Affiliate Program


🆕QADSAN NFT Bonds Referral Program: Earn Up to 100x More! 

Get 10% of your junior partners’ bond purchase amount and up to 100% of their reward coefficient!

Senior partners will receive generous rewards for inviting new participants:

1. 10% of the purchase amount of bonds by a junior partner is paid in USDC or USDT.

2. Up to 100% of the reward coefficient📈 of junior partners, which can exceed the purchase amount by 100 times depending on the volume of purchases.

Commissions increase as junior partners reach the corresponding purchase level:

  • 10% for purchasing 1-9 bonds
  • 20% for 10-19 bonds
  • 30% for 20-29 bonds
  • 40% for 30-39 bonds
  • 50% for 40-49 bonds
  • 100% for 50-100 bonds

Examples of commission rewards:

– If your junior partner purchased one bond for $10 USD and received a reward coefficient of X100, equivalent to 1,000,000 QADSAN ($1,000 USD), you will earn a 10% commission, or 100,000 QADSAN ($100 USD).*
– When purchasing 10 bonds for $100 USD, which brought your partner a reward of 10,000,000 QADSAN, you will receive 20% commission or 2,000,000 QADSAN ($2,000 USD).
– If your partners purchased 100 bonds for $1,000 USD and received a reward of 100,000,000 QADSAN ($100,000 USD), your guaranteed income will also be 100,000,000 QADSAN ($100,000 USD) thanks to the 100% commission.

The next level of additional rewards is credited as junior partners’ purchases reach the highest level.

Earn 100, 50, 30, 20, or 10 times more! 📈

The reward coefficient 📊 that bond purchasers receive:

* Up to 100 bonds: X100 🚀
* 101-1000 bonds: X50 📈
* 1001-3000 bonds: X30 📈
* 3001-5000 bonds: X20 📈
* 5001-10000 bonds: X10 📈

Don’t miss your chance to get the maximum benefit!
Join the program now and get the x100 coefficient 🚀 before the first 100 bonds are sold.

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Introduce your junior partners to the QADSAN bond program and start earning today!

*Important: The amounts mentioned are expressed at the current conversion rate of QADSAN tokens ($0.001). After trading begins on centralized exchanges, the market rate may change, either increasing or decreasing. This introduces an element of gaming and speculation, as the real value of the rewards can vary depending on the market situation.