Buy QADSAN Bonds for your favorite crypto

You can purchase QADSAN bonds through the following convenient methods:

1. BTC, ETH, Litecoin, as well as USDT, USDC, TrueUSD on Tron and Ethereum.

2. USDC Polygon on NFT marketplace OpenSea.

3. Direct payment (USDC, USDT, Matic, BNB, ETH) to the QADSAN address: 0x40996274885049466C6e9A05E0AE2bC8B8a2f3F9 *

4. Toncoin via the Telegram bot @Wallet (see step-by-step instructions here).

Before submitting the order for bond accrual in the form below, please click one of the Buy Bond buttons above or make a purchase through direct payment or Telegram @Wallet.

The QADSAN bonds you purchase will be sent to the main Polygon address listed in your profile. To avoid delays in processing your order, be sure to provide your CryptoCloud order number or the transaction hash of your purchase in the form below.

*Available networks for sending tokens are Polygon, Ethereum, and BNB Chain.
*You can independently calculate the amount of Matic needed to make the transfer equivalent to exactly 10 USD during the token swap.