New Year Dividends: 100% in US Dollars to All QADSAN Token Holders!

Dear QADSAN Participants,

As the New Year 2024 approaches, we are pleased to announce the accrual of Special Gift Annual New Year Dividends for all 10 virtual companies. These dividends are in addition to the quarterly ones.

Dividends will be credited at 100% of the value of your QADSAN tokens in US dollar equivalent to each token holder, at 10% for each token-share, regardless of their location – in staking or on regular Polygon addresses. The dividends will be credited to your bounty address with the option of withdrawing 10% of the total amount monthly.

To receive dividends, all participants must send to our Telegram chat their bounty address registered in QADSAN, as well as the primary or staking address with QADSAN tokens.

Furthermore, in honor of the New Year, we announce that individuals invited by QADSAN token holders, whether they are friends or family members, are also eligible for gift dividends. Each invitee will receive dividends equal to 25% of the token sum held by the person who invited them.

Invitees must register in QADSAN and send their bounty address to Telegram for verification and to prevent fraud. They must also indicate in the chat the Nickname of the inviting partner. Creating fake addresses is strictly prohibited!

It is important to maintain on your Polygon address an amount of QADSAN tokens equivalent to the accrued dividend token shares throughout the entire period. After each monthly withdrawal, the amount of tokens may decrease by 10%.

The first snapshot of QADSAN tokens will be taken on December 31st, after which dividends will be credited to the bounty addresses of the participants. The second snapshot will be taken on January 15thdon’t miss the chance to buy QADSAN tokens at a good price and invite your friends to become QADSAN participants.
The first withdrawal of 10% will be available one month after the accrual of dividends.

We congratulate you on the upcoming holidays and wish you success in the New Year. Play & Win!✌️

Sincerely, the QADSAN Market Game

Any future questions regarding the accrual of dividends will be addressed in this news as they arise.