Bonus Program Rules


Inviting friends is easy. All your friends need to do is to follow your unique invite link and join QADSAN. It is strongly recommended not to use special services where users complete task for money for recruiting new referralsthat’s not allowed on our website, and all such users will be banned as soon as we know about it.

Please remember, for your invites to be counted, your friends need to fill their Polygon address, as well as the Telegram nickname in their Profile.

Please be informed that although every new participant is credited with registration bonus right after registration and start to earn profits from the moment they buy our bonus token-shares, they must be a Telegram user, as well as a member of our official Telegram group to get their profit to their blockchain wallet.

在极少数情况下,您可能需要以其他方式验证您的身份,然后才能将奖金利润转换为 FAC 代币份额。


You can earn your invite reward as many times as you wishjust invite more friends.

We reserve the right to restrict or fully forbid any user from access to the referral program and/or refuse their reward if we suspect violation of terms or notice any activity we determine as abusive (for example, inviting yourself, fictitious people, or already existing users) or causing damage to the QADSAN brand (for example, in connection with sexually explicit, discriminatory or illegal content).



Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that the QADSAN bonus program is aimed at attracting new active participants. If a new participant did not take any steps to make a profit on the accrued bonuses, i.e. did not buy FAC bonus token-shares within 15 days from the moment of registration, their is considered inactive, and the bonuses accrued to them are deducted from their account balance.

Bonuses accrued to their senior partner for inviting them are also canceled and all profits accrued on them are debited from this participant’s balance. Thus, despite the fact that profit is accrued on all purchased and deposited token shares, you can only withdraw profit accrued in an amount equal to the sum of bonuses for active partners in five paid levels of the affiliate network.

So, if your partner network at the time of profits withdrawal has 5 first line partners, 10 second line partners, 15 third line partners, 2 forth line partners and 8 fifth line partners, but, actually, only 3 first line partners, 6 second line partners and 2 fifth line partners of them have made their bonus deposits, then you can only withdraw a part of all the profit accrued on 3 * 20 + 6 * 10 + 2 * 1 = $ 123 (instead of profit on 5 * 20 + 10 * 10 + 15 * 5 + 2 * 2 + 8 = 287 dollars that are in your deposits). The rest amount is debited from your account balance after 2 weeks, the profit on such deposits is also canceled.

因此,我们强烈建议您不要使用为完成任务(也称为美元)或创建多帐户提供付款的网站。 提款时,每个帐户都经过仔细检查。如果检测到任何违规行为,您将无法获得预期的利润。

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