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FAC Bonus 1 USD Package

The value of this company token-shares is supported by the QADSAN, so its value is constantly growing at an average rate of 10% per month (up to approximately 215% per year).

To ensure this monthly increase, QADSAN has established a Special Reserve Fund that is continually replenished by deducting a predetermined amount from the QADSAN’s income (1.5% spread charged on every buy/sell transaction).

A fall in the value of this company token-shares is theoretically possible in the event of the following situation: if a panic rises among the token-shares holders and demand for all token-shares on the market stops, in other words, the Special Reserve Fund dries up.

But even in this unimaginable situation, the price of the token-shares of the Privileged Company (8), according to the rules regulating the fall in prices, cannot fall by more than 5% per round.

Also, auxiliary stabilization funds exist that ensure the normal operation of QADSAN and guarantee liquidity in any scenario.*