As part of testing the issuance of NFT Bonds by virtual companies, as well as the planned listing on centralized exchanges (CEX), the QADSAN market game offers you to participate in the subscription for the first convertible NFT Bonds with the following terms:

📜 معلومات حول إصدار سندات QADSAN:

🏦 Issuer: QADSAN market game
📊 حجم الإصدار: 10.000 سندات
📆 فترة التنسيب: from April 3, 2024 until final sale
💰 القيمة الاسمية وسعر بيع السند الواحد: 10 دولارات أمريكية
📈 سعر الفائدة على القسيمة: 120% سنويا
🔄 تكرار دفع دخل القسيمة: شهريًا (12 قسيمة لكل سند)
فترة تداول السندات: 1 year from the date of purchase
🔢 نسبة التحويل: 1 سند = 10,000 رمز QADSAN (خصم 60% على السعر الحالي).
💸 العائد المتوقع: قسيمة + نمو رمزي محتمل بعد الإدراج + معامل المكافأة.

🔗 Contract Address: 0x328511f03059694b955a43ca8a83316c5ecc94cd
#️⃣ Token ID: 1
🏷️ معيار الرمز المميز: إرك-1155
🟣 السلسلة: مضلع

بالإضافة إلى دفعات السندات الشهرية، يمكنك كسب أكثر بكثير من استثمارك الأولي، اعتمادًا على وقت الشراء.

💰 Here’s how the reward coefficients work:

Up to 100 bonds sold — coefficient X100
From 101 to 1000 bonds — coefficient X50
From 1001 to 3000 bonds — coefficient X30
From 3001 to 5000 bonds — coefficient X20
From 5001 to 10,000 bonds — coefficient X10

For example, if you invest $10 USD (10,000 QADSAN at the time of conversion) before the first 100 bonds are sold, then after a year upon redemption, you will receive 1,000,000 QADSAN or $1,000 USD at the conversion rate.*

And if you invest $100 USD under the same conditions — you will earn $10,000 (10,000,000 QADSAN)

The reward is credited immediately after the investor purchases the bonds to their account on Until the bonds are redeemed, the reward cannot be transferred to your Polygon address or sold. However, in case of sale of NFT Bonds before maturity to a third party, the reward can be transferred to the buyer’s account through customer support.

After the successful listing of QADSAN tokens on exchanges, the reward will be transferred to your Polygon address or exchange account within 3 months.

عمولة الشركاء المدعوين:
– 10٪ of the purchase price
Up to 100% of the reward coefficient📈 of junior partners

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Why convertible NFT Bonds?
Return: 120% per annum + potential growth of QADSAN token + up to X100 REWARD COEFFICIENT
Uniqueness: NFT technology guarantees authenticity and liquidity of bonds
Flexibility: ability to convert NFT Bonds into QADSAN tokens or other digital assets at a favorable rate
Liquidity: ability to buy and sell on OpenSea and other platforms
Innovation: combination of traditional finance and blockchain technology

This issuance of convertible NFT Bonds represents a unique investment opportunity, combining the yield of debt instruments and the growth potential of the QADSAN token after listing on exchanges.

Bet on QADSAN and Earn Big Money

* (*) — Within 3 months after QADSAN token is listed on one of the centralized exchanges.
* If the QADSAN token is listed before the end of 1 year, the redemption period is reduced accordingly.
* Bonds can be redeemed in QADSAN tokens or in US dollar equivalent of the purchase amount.
* QADSAN has the right, in case of a decision made by QADSAN token holders, to redeem all or part of the issued bonds, no later than one month from the date of the decision.
* QADSAN reserves the right to reduce the reward coefficients for new buyers at any time. However, those who have already purchased bonds will retain the previously offered coefficient.
* Please be aware that the actual precise return may vary depending on the market value of QADSAN at the time of conversion.