At first sight it might appear that in contrast with a real stock exchange with its real stocks of real companies, QADSAN, the token-share market game with its unreal virtual token-shares of virtual companies, represents something that is not serious and deserves no due attention as an object of possible investments.

However, that is a far from being the case.

Of course, on the one hand QADSAN is just a game. But on the other hand, isn’t an ordinary exchange essentially just a game too? In addition, in contrast with QADSAN, one without any real rules or guarantees whatsoever?

Yes, naturally, these rules and guarantees are in fact in place theoretically, no question about it. But in reality they often turn out to be so complicated and incoherent, dependent on such a large number of very diverse and often totally unpredictable factors, such as the political situation in the world, the situation on the world share markets, the state of affairs in the particular area of business of the company whose shares you have acquired, the situation within the company itself, and so on and so forth that it practically becomes entirely hopeless for the ordinary investor. In reality it turns out to be absolutely impossible for a non-professional to figure out these factors and try and take into account something at least.

On one beautiful day you simply lose all your money suddenly, and then it is explained to you in a qualified and professional way how and why it happened. This much about the “rules”.

And what about the “guarantees” ?– you may want to ask.

But have you been cheated in the process? Was everything done honestly?

That’s what our “guarantees” were all about. But the fact that you were unlucky is not our problem!

So I might have been cheated after all! I wonder how once I have lost everything anyway.

It is familiar, isn’t it? In any case, there is no need to go on, since the present crisishases already clearly demonstrated to all the genuine value of exchange “rules” and “guarantees”. And simultaneously that of the stability of the entire world financial market.

Nothing of the like exists or is possible at the QADSAN market game, since in no way does QADSAN depend on political or world financial upheavals.

Let the real world be bothered with crises of all kinds!

In the virtual world of virtual companies, QADSAN, everything is always stable and calm.

There are no disasters, no catastrophies here. Virtual companies doing virtual business can never go bankrupt. Their virtual managers can never get involved in any kind of financial scandals. They can be fully trusted.

QADSAN is a real island of financial stability in our unstable world.

That’s because like at any exchange, the situation at QADSAN is fully determined by the balance of the buying and selling of its virtual token-shares. But with real shares this balance constantly and chaotically fluctuates. That’s because the real stock exchange is an inseparable part of the entire world financial system and is consequently extremely sensitive to any events, even those quite unexpected and seemingly distant from the world of business. And this is what makes its operation almost totally unpredictable.

QADSAN on the other hand is fully independent of the real world. In QADSAN’s world of virtual companies there are no extraordinary events, and therefore having formed once, the balance of buying and selling at QADSAN will remain unchanged for any length of time.

The curse of any financial system is panic. But there can be no panic at QADSAN, since one day of business is in no way different from the other. So if there was no panic yesterday, it can’t happen tomorrow. Because how is “QADSAN yesterday” different from “QADSAN tomorrow?”

The QADSAN market game is in fact the only example of its kind in terms of being a totally stable financial system. It’s fully protected from any outside interference and is practically unaffected by it, since the virtual game format deliberately chosen by her inventors has made it possible to isolate it fully from the outside world and make it virtually autonomous.

Therefore, the security of QADSAN players can today be considered virtually total.

Are you a player of QADSAN? Yes? Not yet? In any case